LEGO Camp NOU FC Barcelona 10284

Buy on Amazon – When you purchase the LEGO Camp NOU FC Barcelona 10284 set, you get two instruction manuals. The longer of the two is three hundred and twelve pages, and contains interesting information about FC Barcelona and Camp Nou, insights from LEGO designer Rok Zgalin Kobe, and a part list. Both manuals are essential to building your model, and are included with the set. The exterior of the stadium also comes with detailed instructions.

Lighting kit for Camp Nou – FC Barcelona 10284

The LEGO Expert Creator 10284 Camp Nou – FC Barcelona comes with enough pieces to build 30 floodlights, a total of 58 separate LEDs. It would be a great addition to any FC Barcelona trophy cabinet! It is powered by a USB wall adapter or power bank. The power bank needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. The LED lights and instructions can be found online.

The lighting kit for LEGO Camp Neu – FC Barcelona 10284 is a plug-and-play solution for the highly detailed Lego model. This kit is easy to install and operates by USB. If you are building the model for a child’s room, the kit will help illuminate the model so he or she can experience the magic of a real nighttime match!

Instruction manuals for building the stadium

If you’ve bought the LEGO Camp Nou football stadium, you’ve most likely been wondering how to build it. The instructions come with a hefty 312 page manual that details everything from the history of FC Barcelona to insights from set designer Rok Zgalin Kobe. The instructions are broken down into four different parts lists, and each one contains clear, step-by-step photos and instructions for completing the entire project.

The building instructions start with a large area around the stadium. This serves to communicate how large the stadium is. A few of the stadium components are also shaped like the iconic soccer ball, such as a Team Bus and a dark green ice cream for the trees. In addition, there are stickers on each tower, indicating its A-D entry. The stadium’s backside also features a mesmerizing panel of grated slopes and shutter doors.

Exterior of the stadium

The exterior of LEGO’s Camp Nou soccer stadium looks fantastic from every angle. The roof is made of tiles that approximate the curve of the glass wall. The roof also features lightsaber hilts and blades braced at the corners. Set designer extraordinaire Rok Zgalin Kobe calls this detail his favorite. The stadium has “Camp Nou” signage and a glass wall with transparent elements to represent the player’s zone.

A Plexiglas display case is also included with the LEGO Camp Nou – FC Barcelona set. This case protects the soccer stadium from dust and offers angles to assemble it. The Plexiglas is stronger than glass and is not cold to touch. This feature makes the case safer than glass. Lastly, the display case comes with a removable cleaning cloth. In this way, kids can clean their LEGO models without any worry.

The goal posts and benches are also built with textured bricks. The stadium seating is divided into four quarters and has the same internal structure as the soccer field. The seats are a mixed of blue and grey tiles, and each section has a unique colored 2×4 plate on the edge. As with any stadium, the stadium’s interior is just as impressive. There are a few issues, though.