LEGO Halloween Owl 40497 Review

40497 Halloween Owl
LEGO Halloween Owl 40497

Buy on AmazonLEGO fans can celebrate Halloween with this owl toy building set. It features a large eye and movable wings. It also stands on a display base that features two pumpkins and a pretty autumn flower. Be warned though: this toy set contains many small parts.


This fantastic owl toy building set is an ideal choice for LEGO fans who love the spirit of Halloween. This cute model is made to rotate and move its wings and stands beside 2 Halloween pumpkins and a display platform, surrounded by two pretty autumn flowers. It is very easy to assemble, as well as reversible, so you can build several models at one time.

40497 Halloween Owl is a very detailed buildable character, which features a spooky face and a pair of angry eyes. It has slopes on the top of its head and claw toe pieces to create eyebrows. It also spins around on a turntable piece and can knock a pumpkin off with its open wings. The set is a lot of fun to build, and is a great choice to complement other LEGO Seasonal sets.


LEGO fans will love this Halloween-themed display toy! This toy is 11 cm tall and features a rotatable owl with moving wings. It also stands on a display base with two pumpkins and some pretty autumn flowers. It’s a great set to build together with children ages 8 and up, and makes a great gift for a child’s birthday or other special occasion.

Display toy

Fans of LEGO can celebrate the season with this owl building set. It stands 4.5 inches tall and rotates its wings. It also stands alongside two pumpkins and some pretty autumn flowers. It will make a great gift for kids eight and up. The set is expected to retail for $15.


The LEGO Halloween Owl 40497 box has a unique design. Instead of a lid, the front of the box opens with a perforated line. This design gives you easy access to the brick bags and instructions. The front of the box also features an owl and a pumpkin patch platform.

The owl is 11 cm tall and stands on a display stand with moving wings and adjustable eyes. This unique design makes it easy to create different poses with the owl’s movable eyes. The owl also has autumn flowers on its wings, giving it a dynamic appearance.