LEGO Harry Potter 2022 Advent Calendar 76404

LEGO Harry Potter 2022 Advent Calendar 76404

If you are looking to buy on Amazon a LEGO Advent Calendar for your child this year, this is a great choice. This calendar includes 24 gifts for children aged 7 and up, and each day brings a new surprise Harry Potter buildable toy. With the advent calendar, your child will have a lot of fun opening and playing with the different buildable toy sets.


The LEGO Harry Potter 2022 Advent Calendar is a great gift for the child who loves Harry Potter. This calendar has 24 daily gifts to open, with a secret buildable toy hidden within each one. This set is perfect for kids aged 7 and up.

LEGO Harry Potter 2022 Advent Calendar 76404 Building Toy Set and Minifigures

This advent calendar features 7 minifigures and classic items from the Harry Potter movies. The first three toys in the calendar recreate scenes from the first movie. The following three are themed after the second movie. It also includes a fun board game.


If your child is a big fan of the Harry Potter series, there’s a great new set of Advent Calendar Minibuilds that will get their creative juices flowing. In addition to the classic LEGO pieces, the set comes with 6 minifigures from the movie series. The calendar features a number of unique minibuilds, including a board game, a snowy city, and four different figures from the Harry Potter series.

This advent calendar is perfect for kids aged seven and up. Each day, your child will receive a mini build that can be used to build a scene from the movie or series. These minibuilds can be used for hands-on play, and they require no batteries. The calendar also includes a mini spinner and a board game for children to enjoy.


If your child loves Harry Potter, they’ll love this advent calendar! This set includes 24 gifts to open each day for more play opportunities. There are seven minifigures included, as well as an instruction. This set is recommended for children aged seven and up.

Each of the three doors in the advent calendar represents a different scene in the Harry Potter movie series. The doors also open in chronological order. The game spinner, which works as a dice, is a fun addition. The minifigures are made from durable plastic, and are well crafted. There’s a small game board in the advent calendar too, but the rules aren’t obvious from the product images.


LEGO has released a new Advent Calendar that’s perfect for fans of the Harry Potter series. It has 24 days of gifts for Harry Potter fans, and each gift contains a buildable toy. This year’s LEGO Harry Potter calendar is available for a discounted price on Amazon.

This new advent calendar is perfect for fans aged seven and up, with 24 different gifts inside. Each gift contains a secret Harry Potter buildable toy. The LEGO Harry Potter 2022 Advent Calendar is a great pre-Christmas gift for your child.