The LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318 Review

Buy on Amazon – If you’re looking for a unique LEGO Ideas treehouse, Tree House 21318 is the one for you. This kit includes two sets of leaves. There’s a lot to love about this set! There’s a lot of detail, too! And because this set contains four minifigures, it will be the perfect display piece. Here’s what to expect from this kit. Listed below are some of its benefits:

Treehouse 21318 is a representation of nature

The LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318 is based on an idea from a renowned architect. The model features more than 3000 pieces. It also includes seasonal foliage and tree settlements, and features 36 high-quality LEDs. In addition, it has handcrafted premium accessories, including an integrated lighting kit . This model also represents nature’s beauty, making it a wonderful gift for a child.

The interiors of LEGO Ideas Tree House differ from traditional structures, but there are some common elements. One example of this is the balcony, which can be built into a treehouse, and the interactive furniture, such as a telescope. Another example is the pulley system used to bring up supplies. This structure is further enhanced by printed planks and tiles that look like they’ve been handmade.

It contains only four minifigures

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It uses reclaimed materials

The LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318 contains more than 180 botanical elements and features the largest tree in a LEGO set. Despite the size, the set uses polyethylene instead of wood, which is not biodegradable and cannot be distinguished from petroleum-sourced polyethylene. It also features 185 interchangeable leaf elements. Kevin Feeser, a fan from France, created this model and submitted it to the LEGO Ideas contest.

The tree-inspired home features over three thousand elements. The reclaimed materials make it the largest LEGO Ideas set to date. It has 185 botanical elements and is made from plant-based polyethylene plastic. It is suitable for teenagers and adults and measures more than fourteen inches tall, ten inches wide and nine inches deep. The set’s construction allows for creative play while learning about sustainable practices.

It comes with a light kit

The lighting kit for the LEGO Ideas Tree House 21318 adds a magical touch to this detailed model. Featuring numerous realistic details, this tree house can be shaped into a number of different shapes. The model comes with a removable treetop, two separate cabins, a swing, and a treasure map. The light kit comes with detailed instructions. If you’re looking for a great Christmas or birthday gift, this is the model for you.

It has a landscape base

The LEGO Ideas Treehouse 21318 has a landscape base and includes 3,036 pieces, including a mountain, a forest, and three cabins. The tree house has a hidden gem element and a ladder that leads to each cabin. The LEGO Tree House foliage is made from plant-based polyethylene plastic and sustainably sourced sugarcane. It’s made for ages 16 and up.

There are several cool details around the base of the tree house. A small table with chairs and a stream add to the charm. Inside the tree itself is a tree with a rounded interior and an outer structure made of 1x2x1 bricks with plate shafts. It has a landscape base that ties in with the surrounding environment. This set is the perfect way to create a family retreat in the trees!